An important person in my life

Confederation Congress[ edit ] The three-fifths ratio originated with a amendment proposed to the Articles of Confederation. The proposal by a committee of the Congress had suggested that taxes "shall be supplied by the several colonies in proportion to the number of inhabitants of every age, sex, and quality, except Indians not paying taxes". As Thomas Jefferson wrote in his notes on the debates, the southern states would be taxed "according to their numbers and their wealth conjunctly, while the northern would be taxed on numbers only". Constitutional Convention[ edit ] The Convention had unanimously accepted the principle that representation in the House of Representatives would be in proportion to the relative state populations.

An important person in my life

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Today I would like to talk about the most important person in my life. I always believe that she was the most unique and incredible woman in the world, because she had her special ways on doing everything. My mother is a successful woman, which means she worked hard and was really busy.

She organized all the housework perfectly, so my home always clean and cosy. No matter how busy she is, she still insisted to cook every meal, from breakfast to dinner, by herself. She was an amazing cook, everything she cook is delicious.

On educating my brother and me, she had her own special ways, too. She is busy, but she still checked my homework every night and helped me reviewing the things I learned at school.

Instead of that, she taught me the methods of solving the problems. My mother wanted me to learn how to solve the problems, independently, not relying on others, and that really influences me a lot. My mom is the most important person in my life.

10 Ways to Live Yourself Happy

My mother is not my whole life but she is the largest part of it. Her love is like a warm sun that makes me feel secure. She is like a bird that took care of me and then taught me how to fly. She has helped me in many ways. She pushed me to be and do my best.

More essays like this:All my life I’ve had an extremely close bond with my mother, she’s my best friend and my favorite person in the world.

An important person in my life

I was attached to my mom’s hip when I was little and not much has changed. Even though I’m away at college, I still need to hear her voice everyday and I need to come home every weekend to see her. Let us look at life and how it works. When I am sick and I really need a doctor, he/she is the most important person in my life.

When my tooth aches, the dentist is the most important person in my life. When I need a bank loan or some financial advice, I guess the bank manager is the most important person in my life.

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Find & rate. The most important person in my life is me because everything starts from me and through me to others. I do not believe in making anyone else in my life more important than me - it can be my mother, father, wife or child. I would say compassion has made a big difference in my life.

It kind of goes hand in hand with being tolerant. It was wonderful to read the 10 ways to live yourself happy.

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