Best practise

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Best practise

Applies to Dynamics onlineversion 9. Important Review Supported extensions for Dynamics to learn about supported and unsupported techniques for Best practise. Performance best practices The Best practise best practices can help you write code that performs better. Use multiple threads Add threading support to your application to break up the work across multiple CPUs.

This suggestion assumes that you are running your code on a multiprocessor system. In addition, if your custom code works with thousands of entity records, use of the Entity class results in slightly better performance than the early-bound entity types.

However, this flexibility has a disadvantage because you cannot verify entity and attribute names at compile time. If your entities are already defined at code time and slight performance degradation is acceptable, you should use the early-bound types that you can generate by using the CrmSvcUtil tool.

Write plug-ins that execute faster Always write a plug-in that takes the least time to perform its intended task. For example, the Execute method is frequently processed in Dynamics If you register a plug-in on that message, your plug-in can have a significant performance impact on the system because it executes every time that the Execute method is processed, which frequently occurs.

Best practise

If you intend to register your plug-ins for synchronous execution, we recommend that you design them to complete their operation in less than 2 seconds.

Limit the data you retrieve When you use the methods that retrieve data from the server, retrieve the minimum amount of data that your application needs. You do this by specifying the column set, which is the set of entity attributes to retrieve.

Instead, you might achieve better performance if you restrict the entity filter, or use one of the following message request classes: The RetrieveMetadataChanges message allows for constructing a query to return just the metadata you need or the metadata that has changed.

Retrieve and Detect Changes to Metadata. Limit the number of entities that are enabled for offline use Carefully consider if an entity must be available for people while working offline. Each entity that you enable for offline capability directly affects the time required for people to synchronize data when they come back online.

This is especially true for people with less powerful computers. Limit operations that cascade to related entities When you use the Update method or UpdateRequest message, do not set the OwnerId attribute on a record unless the owner has actually changed.

When you set this attribute, the changes often cascade to related entities, which increases the time that is required for the update operation. Cascading behavior Adjust proxy settings on the client on-premises only Note The Dynamics onlineversion 9. A proxy server sits between a client application, such as a web browser, and the actual target server.

When a computer is in a LAN, it can use a proxy server to connect to the Internet. In this case, the proxy server is combined with, or is a part of, the gateway server and firewall server. The proxy can cache web requests and serve multiple client requests by using its cached data. If the requested data is not present in the cache of the proxy server, it forwards the request to the actual server by using its own IP address.

Here, the proxy server acts on behalf of the client computer. Although a proxy server can act as a cache server and can help load a webpage faster, it can sometimes decrease performance if it is used incorrectly.

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Frequently, people avoid manual proxy configuration and use automatic proxy configuration. This shortcut helps in load balancing the proxy servers, but depending on the complexity of the configuration script, a significant delay can be experienced when you use automatic proxy configuration.

When the Dynamics server is installed, you can bypass the proxy server to achieve better throughput.Dec 02,  · "Best Practice" Or "Best Practise" Forums ashio-midori.comh 5 84,; Dear All, Can anybody tell me what is the correct English spelling for the phrase "best practice"?

Does it depend on whether you are speaking US English or rather UK English? TIA, . Dec 02,  · Dear All, Can anybody tell me what is the correct English spelling for the phrase "best practice"?

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Best practise

Best practices are a set of guidelines, ethics or ideas that represent the most efficient or prudent course of action for a business.

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