Characteristics of a human service professional essay

When describing the ideal characteristics of a good leader, there are essential skills that a good manger should portray.

Characteristics of a human service professional essay

The qualities identified below define the key strengths of a good Human Resources professional. An ongoing requirement is that you must be able to deal with the daily challenges that arise.

You may have to resolve something as simple as an employee being paid the wrong rate of pay. Or it could be a much more difficult issue such as a pending sexual harassment investigation being conducted by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing DFEH. Whether the issue is something simple or more complex, a good Human Resources professional must be able to resolve all types of issues, calmly and fairly.

Being able to listen and hear what the other person is saying is a real Characteristics of a human service professional essay. What is the point?

You must be able to deal with people in a friendly and professional manner, so that people can relate to you easily. The majority of your communications will be verbal, but written communication is also very important.

Everyone goes to Human Resources for assistance and advice, so being able to communicate effectively is essential. As in any job, you have daily tasks that must be completed, but we all know how that goes.

More often than not, you are faced with sudden issues that come up and require your immediate attention. Some days you may only have one or two incidents to deal with, but other days your whole time could be spent on these types of incidents.

When this happens, the daily tasks get put on hold. But at some point you have to stop and play catch up. For this, self-discipline is a must. It is imperative that you designate a time to complete your most important tasks on a daily basis. Knowing how to manage your time is necessary for survival.

You will constantly have deadlines to meet and a heavy workload that may require you to work sixteen-hour days. People will only open up to someone they can trust. They must believe that you will do the right thing and have their best interests at heart.

Characteristics of a human service professional essay

Along with trust comes confidentiality, because if someone is sharing personal information with you, they need to trust that you will keep it confidential and not share it with anyone else. Being known as a trustworthy Human Resources professional gives you great credibility.

If you lose your credibility, you will have a very difficult time doing your job, since no one will feel that they can trust you. When dealing with a work incident or employee issue, you must be able to be objective and impartial.

Your personal opinion does not count—these types of decisions must be based solely on the facts presented. A big factor is knowing when you are not able to be objective or impartial about a particular incident or issue, so that you can remove yourself from the situation and have someone else handle it.

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This is especially important when negative scenarios come up, and you have to come up with positive resolutions. The good news is that you will get better at this with time and experience. Employees need to be kept up-to-date and educated on the skills and training needed to perform their job.

There are so many individuals out there who would do just about anything to have someone coach and mentor them. When you provide these services, you help them to grow both personally and professionally. Knowing that you have helped someone and made a difference in his or her life is such a great feeling.

There are many other qualities that make a good Human Resources professional, but these are the most important in my opinion. I think these are some great qualities to have! I would love to hear what you think.

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Skills & Characteristics Essay. Personal characteristics of a human services professional can be both essential and detrimental for success - Skills & Characteristics Essay introduction. Essential characteristics of a professional do not make the job easier.

Top Eight Characteristics of a Successful Social Worker December 12, by Contributor Career, Social Work Social Work Jobs, social work student Social work is a challenging, rewarding, and dynamic field.

A brief overview of Ethical Standards for human services professionals: Human service professionals are key players in Human services sector.

Characteristics of a human service professional essay

In this highly customized profession, human service professional interacts frequently with families, individuals and groups etc, all these are their clients. The purpose of this paper is to write about the essential characteristics and skills of mental health human services workers.

When discussing the fundamental characteristics of a human services worker, Team B felt that communication skills are vital.

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