Conclusion for fast food industry

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Conclusion for fast food industry

It can also be used in combination with blue and green dyes to colour food various shades of green. Some reports indicate that Tartrazine is the second most commonly used food dye after Allura Red Red What is an azo dye? In chemistry, a hydrocarbon is an organic compound made entirely from hydrogen and carbon atoms, and there are many many different kinds of hydrocarbons.

Now, an azo dye is a chemical compound where two hydrocarbon groups are joined by two nitrogen atoms.

Conclusion for fast food industry

The letters azo are derived from the french word for nitrogen, azote. The reason they are so popular is that azo dyes are cheap to produce and are more stable than most natural food dyes. Looking at the chemical formula for tartrazine, we can see that there are other elements besides nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen present.

Specifically, tartrazine also contains sodium Naoxygen Oand sulfur S. Sometimes you may find a reference that says tartrazine is made from coal tar.

This is not completely accurate. The organic compounds used to make tartrazine can be extracted from coal tar. In when H. Zeigler first discovered it, he was likely working with coal tar. Today, the compounds are produced as byproducts of the petroleum industry.

Common Uses Tartrazine can be found in a wide variety of foods including desserts and candies, soft drinks, condiments, and breakfast cereals. The following list provides some specific examples of foods containing tartrazine:So, in conclusion, although fast food tastes good and eating it once in a while is fine, eating fast food too frequently may result in health problems such as obesity or diabetes.

The problems caused by fast food are mainly in the high sugar, salt and fat content in it. Service quality is a critical success factor of fast food restaurant. Fast food restaurant managers need to measure and improve the service quality of their restaurant continuously.

the influence of market deregulation. Introduction The fast-food industry has been developing rapidly and has successfully penetrated majority of the markets globally, at the same time bringing about several significant changes in practices, work and employment relations.

Fast-food restaurants are distinguished and characterized by their inexpensive food products prepared in a standardized method that is dispensed to their.

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Guidance for Industry: HACCP Regulation for Fish and Fishery Products; Questions and Answers for Guidance to Facilitate the Implementation of a HACCP System in Seafood Processing. The Fast Food Industry There are many arguments whether we are better off living with or without the existence of fast food.

It is true that there are many reasons why it is good having fast food chains around us, but at the same time, it isn’t that good either.

Conclusion for fast food industry
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