Conoco dupont merger

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Conoco dupont merger

Early History as Continental Oil

It's time to drop Phillips for our name and shut down Bartlesville. We no longer need or can afford Bartlesville. When we spun Conoco dupont merger Phillips we spun off our ties to Bartlesville and the Phillips name.

Again the case is made to get rid of Heratige Employees that bring with them a culture Conoco dupont merger incest and poor safety with the attitude that it was better run before. There is a whole segment of pure COP employees in the 15 to 20 year experience range that are fully capable of supporting the vision of the Company being profitable and safe.

For all of you who keep complaining that we need to keep petrotech and dump the rest, why don't you go find another company where you can be happy, or is it because you found an easy tit to sle on and can't get out of your breast feeding ways.

I for one am tired of all the BS from supposed learned professionals that think producing valuable oil into a cheap market is a perfect way to save the company, got news for you, thats how we got here to begin with Over producing into a collapsing market And your idea is "let's drill more?

And your the ones that are supposed to be smart, what a joke. Please take your intelligence to another of the 77 bankrupt companies that thought they could drill their way to profits.

Another example of Phillips Petroleum's culture. IBPwHJJ-3vlq Gulf Oil owned and operated the side of the refinery and lines and tanks there in for almost forty years in Ponca City where ground water was contaminated by leaky tank bottoms. The Conoco Ponca refinery is the largest in Oklahoma.

On the other hand Phillips Petroleum had dismal safety and performance records. In the Ekofisk Bravo platform blew out contaminating North Sea. In Phillips Petroleum again had a disaster at a copi Phillips Petroleum again had a disaster at Eloise when were killed.

Phillips Petroleum was known in the 70s and early 80s to drill more try holes both abroad and at home than any other company. Conoco was better ran company for plaintiffs and attorneys. I have a question for you.

Have we paid off the lawsuit from Conoco populating the ground water in Ponca City? All of the old employees are hanging around just racking up retirement points to pad their retirements rather than caring about the company.

They were going out of business before the merger. They were bloated because of being protected by DuPont. They had little discoveries or producing properties.

Finance took over management of the company and proceeded to manage with threats and fear. The caliber of people from Phillips were lower than from Conoco. Then we bought Burlington and got more low caliber people into the company. It has been difficult to claw our way to world class with these less than stellar people on board.

These layoffs will help the company obtain a world-class ranking among it's peers. Engineering is in charge and has the company on the right track for an ever-changing energy world.

Get your facts straight. P66 was the bigger of the two. Conoco had much more people because they were protected by DuPont.

Conoco dupont merger

Conoco won the war of the trenches. Mulva gave Conoco the lead name so he could become chairman 1 year after the merger. Conoco did not buy P The old Bartlesville culture is deeply implanted into the company - I really think that this is why COP has done so poorly for the last ten years.

COP then failed as an independent. The way that I look at it, COP should pack up the Houston operations and move back to Bartlesville - where it truly belongs.While serving as Chief Financial Officer of Conoco, Inc., Mr.

Goldman played vital roles in the initial public offering and split-off of Conoco, Inc. from DuPont and the subsequent merger of Conoco and Phillips Petroleum. Conoco became a wholly owned DuPont subsidiary in the largest merger ever at that time, costing DuPont $ billion.

As a subsidiary of DuPont, Conoco became a major, integrated, global energy company operating in 40 countries worldwide. By August , Du Pont had acquired Conoco for $ billion in the most expensive merger to that date. Following the takeover, Du Pont consolidated Conoco operations and began selling the oil company ’ s interests to reduce a $ billion debt incurred in the purchase.

DuPont's stock hits its highest price in nearly 20 years after media reports the European Union could approve Dow merger. DuPont said only about 41 percent of the shares tendered will be accepted for exchange.

This latest spin-off was worth about an estimated $11 billion. DuPont Completes Conoco Spin-Off Investors. Du Pont springs a surprise $7 billion offer for resource-rich Conoco. While most Americans were enjoying fun and fireworks on the Fourth of July weekend, teams of executives from Conoco Inc.

and Du Pont and Co. had forsaken friends and family to work almost round the clock on the biggest merger in U.S. corporate history.

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