Disc platinum rule assessment paper

Concludes with reflections on the use of personality assessment in the workplace. Personality tests have become more and more common in the modern workforce, given the intensely competitive job environment and the great commitment employers must make to train prospective employees. Beyond hiring and firing decisions, personality tests can also be used to create balanced work teams, to provide managers with insight about how to communicate with different employees in a diverse work environment, and act as tools of self-examination and assessment for employees themselves.

Disc platinum rule assessment paper

Behavioral styles are an integral part to the dynamics of team or group and in order to have effective team, individual must understand personal behavioral style to make up with others in organization or team.

Each style has four substyles. My main behavioral style is interactive style, substyles of interactive style is the Helper. Interaction style is quick rhythm and humanist.

They are also public, direct, characteristic, participation, animation, intuitiveness and vigor. They are seldom concerned about facts and details and try to avoid as much as possible.

Interactive styles are idea people. They have can get others caught up in their dreams because of their good persuasive skills. They influence others and shape their environment by bringing others into alliance to accomplish results.

They seek approval and recognition for their accomplishment and achievements. They have that dynamic ability to think quickly on their feet.

Disc platinum rule assessment paper

Interactive styles are true entertainers. They love an audience and thrive on involvement with people. They tend to work quickly and enthusiastically with others.

Disc platinum rule assessment paper

Interactive styles are stimulating, talkative and gregarious. They tend to operate on intuition and like to take risks Alessandra, T, Summary of the interactive style strengths are persuading, optimistic, motivating and enthusiastic; weaknesses are disorganized, careless, exaggerates and poor follow-through.

I agree with strengths but I disagree with weaknesses. For example, I would persuade team member or coworker to change their opinion or thought for project, give team member or coworker about my thought with better solution.

I do not force people when they do not want to change their mind.

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I would use positive attitude talk to people for persuading, most time people would change their decision. I am optimistic because I always think everything will be fine also moving on in my life. For example, I lost my father when I was ten, I almost lost my husband in February My father has suffered from sickness for two years.

I thought he would be happy in the heaven without suffering. My husband have get lose in snow in the mountain for three days, I thought about many things when he was lost that he would come back to us to spend time play with our son, teach him how to fishing and all kind of interesting thing.

Police found him after three day because his friend walked out from the mountain. I believe my husband will always come back to me no matter how far he goes.

My life is happier because of optimistic. I am motivating because I am stimulated by the positive response such as applause, laughter, compliments and so on. For example, I tend to be very receptive to change, I like to be part of new, varied or different experiences, especially if I will benefit.

I am enthusiastic because I would help others if I know someone need help. For example, in my previous organization that has new employees in training.Dr. Tony Alessandra discusses The DISC Platinum Rule with Phil Taylor of The Association of Independent Business Consultants (AIBC) on BlogTalkRadio.

DISC Platinum Rule™ Assessment Paper

Listen to the Interview > Dr. Tony Alessandra discusses The Optimism Advantage, his newest Nightingale-Conant audio program.

DISC Platinum Rule Assessment Name Class Date Instructor Abstract In the following paragraphs, Team C discusses the study of individual dimensions of behavior.

Also we outlined brief summaries of one’s predominate behavioral style and the benefits of performing an assessment as such as the DISC Platinum Rule assessment. The DISC online assessment is a resource for all types of individuals and organizations, public or private; to improve performance and increase productivity.

Platinum Rule Products. SHARE: View Cart Products - Click "Add To Cart" to purchase The Platinum Rule Self-Assessment - Paper Version. Description: Have you ever wondered why you hit.

 DISC Platinum Rule Assessment and Workplace Observation MGT/ The DISC Platinum Rule Assessment discusses four different dimensions of behavior. Each person has a combination of these behaviors, but will have strong connections to one of the four dimensions.

Platinum Rule Disc Assessment Paper Words | 7 Pages. member completed a DISC Platinum RuleTM Behavioral Assessment. As stated in the assigned reading, this assessment provides its users with the tools for becoming a better person, the ability to behave more maturely and productively, and to be more successful.

Using the results from the DISC Platinum Rule™ Assessment completed individually, prepare a 1,–2,word paper in which you compare and contrast the .

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