Great philosophers and lives well lived essay

Sarah Bakewell celebrates the nitty-gritty of biography. This sounds far more profound — more philosophical — thanthe image of a biographer which I fear is more popular:

Great philosophers and lives well lived essay

Hire Writer His philosophical teachings can be found and read through the Holy bible, the best selling book of all time.

Due to the fact that His teachings are used for religious purposes, He had never been untimely, and all His words are passed generations to generations.

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Because He had sacrificed Himself to save everyone in their sins, people had Glorified Him more. They are both the greatest teacher and philosopher that had lived indeed.

Their teachings are passed down generations to generations, and are now used to make a better and wiser living. If Socrates had never existed, maybe there are millions of problems that will never be answered, and people will just base on baseless superstitions and hearsays.

And if Jesus Christ had never lived, maybe we will never be aware of all our sins and we will be disgustful to the eyes of the Lord God, unconsciously. Both of them had taught the people that life is easy, if we pursue and worked hard for it to be.

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Being different people and living on different periods of time, their teachings might be in great harmony, but there never exactly the same. He deals greatly on how people will give solutions on different problems in every aspect of their lives. He introduce to us how to repent and admit all our sins, thus, making us clean and worth loving by the Lord God.

The fact that His words are used for religious purposes really counts, but regardless of this, His teachings truly can help. There are hundreds of philosophers who had tried to help all the people how to live better.

Great Philosophers and Lives Well Lived Words | 5 Pages. many great philosophers throughout time. Socrates, Thomas Aquinas and Rene Descartes all lived during different times. They were both great intellectuals in regards to being the first of the great western philosophers. Plato and Aristotle each had ideas in how to better life by improving the societies in which they were part of during their lives. Some of the best philosophers never wrote anything down–they just lived exemplary lives and provided an example which we can now learn from. That too, was philosophy. Absent are many other great works of practical philosophy, and of course, other great works of theoretical and systemic philosophy. Well, philosophy can be that .

But in the end of the day, their lives are still on their own hands How to cite this page Choose cite format:Henry David Thoreau (originally David Thoreau, ) reminds us about the importance of simplicity, authenticity, and downright disobedience.

Thoreau in his 30s He was born in , in Concord, an unassuming town west of Boston.

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Philosophy (from Greek φιλοσοφία, philosophia, literally "love of wisdom") is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.

The term was probably coined by Pythagoras (c.

Great philosophers and lives well lived essay

– BCE). Philosophical methods include questioning, critical discussion, rational argument, and systematic presentation. There have been many great philosophers throughout time. Socrates, Thomas Aquinas and Rene Descartes all lived during different times.

This gave each of them different insights, which helped to create their philosophies and principles of their philosophies. A brilliant and concise account of the lives and ideas of the great philosophers--Plato, Aristotle, Bacon, Spinoza, Voltaire, Kant, Schopenhauer, Spencer, Nietzsche, Bergson, Croce, Russell, Santayana, James and Dewey--The Story of Philosophy is one of the great books of our time.

Great Philosophers and Lives Well Lived Words | 5 Pages.

Famous Philosophers - The Greatest Philosophers of All Time History[ edit ] This section is about the history of philosophers as an occupation.
The Great Philosophers: Michel de Montaigne As a result he devotes more space to the topic of happiness than any thinker prior to the modern era. Living during the same period as Mencius, but on the other side of the world, he draws some similar conclusions.
Positive Psychology – a Well Lived Life - Essay Samples But of course, everyone has their own problems and are dealing with the difficulties of life in some way or another. The irony is this is actually what ancient philosophy was intended to ameliorate.

many great philosophers throughout time. Socrates, Thomas Aquinas and Rene Descartes all lived during different times. What constitutes a well-lived life? Defining the meaning of life and the conditions, traits and features of a well-lived life is a question that throughout history engrossed theologians, philosophers, artists and, more recently, positive psychologists.

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