Harmful household items

Some alternatives to disposal that you should think about include:

Harmful household items

Comments You would never cross the street without looking both ways, walk alone down a dark alley alone at three a. So why let hazardous, toxic, and even carcinogenic chemicals into your home everyday?

Harmful household items

The message driven home for millions of Americans each day via TV and internet commercials is this: No need to scrub or scour. With just one squeeze of the spray bottle, you can wipe away dirt, grime, and bacteria. Air fresheners, disinfectants, and cleaners found under your sink are more dangerous than you think.

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Non-Stick Cookware When non-stick pans were first introduced into American households in the s, they were thought to be a godsend. Gone were the days of soaking pans for hours and scouring pots with steel wool.

When PTFE heats up, it releases toxic gasses that have been linked to cancer, organ failure, reproductive damage, and other harmful health effects.

10 Dangerous Household Products You Should Never Use Again | Alternet Please remember that this guide is for general information only, and is not intended to help assess or manage animal exposures, or any subsequent time-sensitive medical issues. The bottom line is this:
Poisonous Household Products | ASPCA Safe Disposal and Recycling Many communities have collection programs for HHW to reduce potential harm posed by these chemicals. Search for "household hazardous waste collection" near your zip code in the Earth database Exit for more information.

The problems with PTFE-coated pans seem to occur at high temperatures, so if you must use Teflon, cook foods on medium heat or less. Avoiding non-stick pans altogether is the safest option. Using a lower setting on the stove will reduce the chances that your food will burn, which is how it usually gets stuck to pans the first place.

BPA mimics the effects of hormones that harm your endocrine system. Single-use plastic bottles are even worse for leaching chemicals, especially when you add the heat of the sun think about bottles left in your trunk or the microwave.

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Aside from the fact that bottled water sold across state lines is not as regulated as tap water, the bottles themselves are spawning grounds for bacteria and are a source of needless waste. Each year, more than one million barrels of oil are used to manufacture the more than 25 billion single-use plastic water bottles sold in the U.

Choose a reusable, stainless steel or glass bottle instead. SustainLane users have reviewed several water bottle alternatives. Conventional Cleaning Supplies These routinely make the top ten lists of worst household offenders. They contain toxic chemicals that negatively affect every system in your body.

All purpose cleaners often contain ammonia, a strong irritant that has been linked to liver and kidney damage.

Harmful household items

Bleach is a powerful oxidizer, which can burn the skin and eyes. Another danger lies in oven cleaners, which can cause chemical burns and emit toxic fumes that harm the respiratory system.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers reports that more thanchildren under the age of five were involved in incidents involving household cleaners inthe most recent year for which data is available. To protect you and your family from the hazards conventional cleaners pose, choose non-toxic, or natural cleaners.Green; 20 Common Household Items That May Be Harming Your Pet As any pet-loving homeowner can attest, playful dogs and fluffy felines liven up the house and enrich our lives.

Petroleum distillates are flammable, irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs, and may cause fatal pulmonary edema in sensitive individuals. Some air fresheners contain p-dichlorobenzene, which is a toxic . Learn more about how Waste Management has teamed up with communities to provide smart, cost-effective ways to safely dispose of household hazardous waste.

What is Household Hazardous Waste? Many common household items contain chemicals that can create environmental hazards if not handled properly.

Triclosan is also largely found in hand sanitizers.

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It has been linked to hormone problems, infertility and early puberty. Some manufacturers are replacing the harmful chemical with benzalkonium chloride, which is another antibacterial ingredient. Pets have a tendency to get into things they shouldn’t.

Increase your awareness of pet safety hazards by checking out our list of household dangers.

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