John keats ode to psyche essay

English poet and dramatist.

John keats ode to psyche essay

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John keats ode to psyche essay

I agree with the statement that Keats seems more interested in describing than narrating. This poem has a large amount of description in it, with a large proportion of description to Lamia.

The title character, Lamia, is as strange as the poem itself. Part I of the poem opens with Hermes, messenger of the Gods, in search of a beautiful nymph for whom he has stolen light from Olympus. Keats uses a lot of description in this poem to create different feelings such as sympathy and sometimes to even make a character seem beautiful on the outside but somewhat mystical and sly on the inside.

John keats ode to psyche essay

In this poem Keats seems to be to some extent, obsessed with Lamia. Even when she is a snake he describes her as a wonderful looking creature: This piece of description alone shows us how beautiful Lamia is. Even though she is a snake which is renowned to be sly she is still described wonderfully.

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Keats uses a strong description to describe Lamia and maybe to deter readers from the fact that he chose a sly cunning animal to portray Lamia. I think he does this because he wishes to live out his fantasies and his wild imagination in his poems.

This is the only way he would be able to portray his imagination and dreams. We can see that he likes to live out his dreams by looking at the description of the wedding. He has created a wonderful picturesque setting for the wedding and everything in the wedding is luxury.

We can see by this poem the extent to which Keats uses his imagination to create wonderful settings and astonishing creatures. Another thing fictional creature he has created is the nymph. He has also made this nymph to be very striking.

He may also have done this to bring his fantasies to life in his poems. Since poems can be written about anything at all, Keats found it easy to create the wonderful world he wanted to create in his poem. All based on mythology and fiction.

Although there is masses of description there is narration in the poem which clearly shows the reader what is happening. The large amount of description in this poem makes it easier for us to visualize the surroundings. The words he uses in this poem are very appropriate to the description he creates.

In this poem Lamia is seen as a very magical, enchanting and enigmatic woman. At the end of this poem her true identity is discovered by Apollonius.

SparkNotes: Keats’s Odes: Ode to Psyche, page 2

At this point Keats almost makes us sympathize with Lamia and we begin to feel sorry for her. So far we get the impression that Lamia is a sly and selfish woman because of the incident with Hermes and the nymph.

It is only towards the end of the poem that Keats starts to use different description to what he was describing her as before. This piece of description almost makes us feel sorry for her again and it makes the readers have a second thought about what Lamia is like and what Lamia really wanted.

In this poem Keats evidently uses much description on Lamia and sometimes to create a sense of sympathy and sorrow for her.


Without this description we would not have such strong feelings on Lamia and what we think of her. The large quantity of description allows different readers to express different views on Lamia. More essays like this:In Keats’s “Ode to Psyche”, the speaker stumbles upon Psyche and her lover in the woods.

The speaker then praises her for her beauty. This sonnet has a very loose form, with words written more freely. Ode to Psyche was one of the final works of poetry that was published. His collection, Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St.

Ode to Psyche

Agnes, and Other Poems was published in , a year before Keats’ death and before his final visit to Rome. “Ode to Psyche” is much more freely and loosely written than any of Keats’s other odes, and the fact that it is difficult to schematize testifies to this spontaneity and freedom rather than to an elaborate preconceived formal scheme.

The Ode to Psyche by John Keats is the first of a series of Romantic odes written in in response to personal, political, and social events of the the time.

Psyche represents love, so that "Ode to Psyche" could be seen as an ode to love itself. This work could even be construed as a poem addressed to Keats' own love, Fanny Brawne, whose acquaintance he had made around the time of the poem's composition. Does Keats' ode owe much to Apuleius' account?

2. What does Keats say indirectly about the imagination in his "Ode to Psyche"? 3. How does the "Ode to Psyche" differ in stanza form and rhyme scheme from the odes that follow it? 4. Why does Keats use an outdoor setting for his "Ode to Psyche"? 5.

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