Re write anime characters

He is enamored by small and cute things, and thus favors Popura over the other employees due to her cute appearance. He occasionally voices his thoughts out loud and so offends his co-workers, who punish him in various ways.

Re write anime characters

Masakazu Morita Our protagonist. He's lighthearted, casual and prone to joking around, but he isn't close to anyone apart from Kotori and Yoshino.

Beneath the jocular exterior lies a depressed person trying to rework his personality into someone who can form deeper relationships. Fortunately, he's mostly succeeded in this by the start of the series, though he doesn't take people seriously enough.

He conceals the power to " rewrite " himself, strengthening his abilities. In Moon, his blood is greenish red presumably because in Moon he starts out as basically a familiar thanks to the merging of all his possible selves. When memories of his past come up a lot of details about him are left pretty vague which is elaborated on in Terra.

re write anime characters

Namely, he's about six years older re write anime characters he seems. The game implies he might have mild Tourette's Syndrome or high-level Aspergers through his inability to process emotional feedback and continually say the worst possible things at the worst possible times.

Badass in a Nice Suit: In the Akane Route he becomes her primary assistant and gets to wear a rather nice suit while doing so. Aurora smells faintly of blood and works better if his wrist has been injured. Terra reveals that originally his power was to manipulate bodily fluids, including blood.

In the character routes, the ability has been upgraded. Break Her Heart to Save Her: In Terra route he guns down Kotori's familiarized parents in front of her after she admits tearfully that she's stayed with him and the Key this whole time because she just wants to enjoy the festival with him like he promised.

Characters Main series Wagnaria employees Souta Takanashi (小鳥遊 宗太, Takanashi Souta) Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura (drama CD), Jun Fukuyama (anime) The main character of Working!!, Sōta is a 16 year-old high school student who was recruited to work at the family restaurant Wagnaria by is enamored by small and cute . Death Note (Japanese: デスノート, Hepburn: Desu Nōto) is a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi story follows Light Yagami, a high school student who stumbles across a mysterious otherworldly notebook: the "Death Note", which belonged to the Shinigami Ryuk, and grants its user the power to . Character sheet for the Visual Novel Rewrite. Spoilers ahoy! Kotarou Tennouji Our protagonist. She's closer to this in her own route (in the anime and the upcoming Plus expansion) and in Harvest festa!, where she joins the school as a regular student and tries to be popular, but is just a .

If he hadn't, not only would she have followed him into what he viewed as a suicide mission, but she also would have kept those same fake parents around.

With them around, she would both fail to move on and drastically cut into her own life span. In Terra route when he was in Guardian he refrained from using his power and as such had the lowest test scores of his entire group, though his experience and level headed behavior tended to make up for it.

As anyone who has read up to this point knows, if he actually goes full throttle he is far beyond any other superhuman. Brought Down to Normal In Kotori's ending he loses his powers apparently as a consequence of Kagari using her dying moments to take them away.

In Akane's endings his powers fade away after he first overuses them and then enters a sealed space without the life energy used to power them. In Terra, we can see the proto gadfly Kotarou when he tricks a young Yoshino, though he doesn't recognize this part of his personality amongst all his angst.

Cannot Spit It Out: In Lucia's route if Kotarou had just bothered to explain why her poison didn't work on him a lot of misunderstandings could have been cleared up.

On the other point of Lucia wanting him to say he wanted to be with her out of love and not pity he can't be blamed, however. He did say it, but it apparently didn't count the first time.

Cast from Hit Points: Kotarou worries that using Rewrite may work like this. The answer is yes and no and the severity varies by route. Normally, it would tap heavily into his life force, though really overdoing it would turn him into an immortal familiar like being.

Normally this isn't a problem thanks to Kotori adding a piece of the Key's ribbon to him and setting up a contract that connects him to a wellspring of life energy.Light Yagami (夜神月, Yagami Raito) is the main protagonist of the Death Note series.

After discovering the Death Note, he decides to use it to rid the world of criminals.

re write anime characters

His killings are eventually labelled by people of Japan as the work of "Kira." Light is a young man, standing at above average.

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Character sheet for the Visual Novel Rewrite. Spoilers ahoy! Kotarou Tennouji Our protagonist. She's closer to this in her own route (in the anime and the upcoming Plus expansion) and in Harvest festa!, where she joins the school as a regular student and tries to be popular, but is just a . “Rewrite” is an anime from studio “8bit” that falls into the main genre of Action.

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