The challenges in becoming a software developer

By Cynthia Dzikiti January 26, Coping With the Challenges of Software Development The Information Technology IT sector is arguably the fastest growing and most in-demand industry, as technology is now a vital component of modern life and a significant driving force behind the global economy. The more that is accomplished by technological solutions, the higher the expectations become as people create more and more requirements.

The challenges in becoming a software developer

In an attempt to explain why this is the case I give below 7 reasons why software development is very difficult. This is not an attempt to condone shoddy software development practices.

The software industry is young Humans have been building house, roads and bridges for thousands of years. In comparison the software industry is only about 50 years old. We still have a long way to go before we have the body of experience behind us that the construction and manufacturing industries have.

Today the construction industry use mostly prefabricated materials and parts.

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Most of these are made by machine and have been tried and tested on many other projects. Software systems are fundamentally built by a process of discovery, invention, and creation of new components with the result that each new system is a custom project created from scratch.

This leads us to our next point. Every line of code is a potential point of failure Because all new projects are custom built it follows that every line of code is unproven and therefore should be tested.

7 Reasons Why Software Development Is So Hard

However, in the real world, this is totally impractical. Each line of code will have dozens, even thousands, of possible inputs, outputs, states or dependencies to deal with.

The challenges in becoming a software developer

It can impact, or be impacted by, other lines of code or by external factors. And testing a single line of code is only part of the challenge. No line of code exists on its own.

It is part of the whole system and the whole needs to be tested to ensure that all parts of the application function correctly. The sheer complexity of software means it is impossible to test every path so in the real world the best project teams will implement processes that are designed to increase the likelihood of the software being defect free.

They will use techniques such as coding standards, unit testing, smoke testing, automated regression testing, design and code reviews etc.

All of this testing comes at a cost. The question to be answered on every project is — how critical is this software and how much testing should we do to ensure the software is correct? Too often the testing phase is rushed and the software goes out with an unacceptable level of defects.

7 Reasons Why Software Development Is So Hard In an attempt to explain why this is the case I give below 7 reasons why software development is very difficult.
Strategies for Coping With Software Development Software developer picture from Shutterstock Over developers worldwide were surveyed for the Insights report, which was done with the help of research firm, IDC. One of the more interesting parts of the report is that it details the biggest concerns developers routinely face.
Coping With the Challenges of Software Development - Simple Programmer Author Stephen Sinco 60 Comments Fundamentally, to learn how to become a software developer is the same as to pursue any career path: But despite this undeniable truth, society continues to misconceive software development to be an industry exclusive to particularly niche personas:
The Challenges of Software Development Although it is a highly skilled profession, unlike areas such as law and finance, there are no accreditations or formal exams needed to become a developer.

On the other hand, for most systems there are diminishing returns for extending the testing past a certain point.

There comes a point with all software where the value of getting the software released is greater than the value gained by continuing to test for defects. This is why most commercial software gets released even though it is known to contain defects.The software development space is constantly evolving and developers are becoming a crucial part of organisations.

Over 69 per cent of developers work within an organisation on a permanent basis. In the Developer Insights Report done by the Application Developers Alliance, a global survey of software developers revealed that other long-standing challenges developers face include.

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You’re an engineer working on potentially very complex problems. Software development is a challenging job, especially as this complex field grows rapidly. Every developer should adopt some simple coping strategies to overcome these challenges and have a rewarding career.

Changing requirements during the development phase is one of the great challenges facing all software developers. It can be done but don’t ever think it’s easy. Innovation has become synonymous with software. It’s through software that businesses can create products, systems, and services that are increasingly “instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent.” These innovations in software are becoming the source of real value to the consumer, and for.

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