The mix of suspense action and drama in the firm

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The mix of suspense action and drama in the firm

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History[ edit ] Early focus on s, s and s movies[ edit ] Encore launched at 9: The channel debuted with an introduction by founder John Siewho served as the president of the network from its launch until and CEO until his retirement in[5] which was then followed by Encore's first movie telecast, the comedy film 9 to 5.

Initially, Encore focused on movies released primarily during the s, s and s, with some releases from the s mixed in; the channel was formatted similarly to American Movie Classics at the time, with hosted introductions leading into the movie presentations.

Breaks between films on Encore during its early years were quite lively, consisting less of promotions and more of trivia and nostalgia, fitting in with Encore's motto "The Movies of Your Life.

The channel had initially broadcast films from Warner Bros. The negative option fee led to lawsuits filed against TCI by ten states, eventually causing the company to back away from utilizing the billing method for the channel.

As the channel aged, it adopted a more conventional presentation style: Through this change in distribution, the channel was eventually available in 25 million homes nationwide by September With the rebranding, Starz Encore also began to carry reruns of Starz original comedy and drama series within its schedule.

Encore broadcasts its primary and multiplex channels on both Eastern and Pacific Time Zone schedules. The respective coastal feeds of each channel are usually packaged together though most cable providers only offer the east and west coast feeds of the main Encore channelresulting in the difference in local airtimes for a particular movie or program between two geographic locations being three hours at most.

Channel Description and programming Starz Encore The main "flagship" feed; Starz Encore features movies from the s to the present day including blockbuster movies, first-run films and some anime films. Starz Encore Action Starz Encore Action focuses on action movies, martial arts films and horror movies; it also previously carried anime feature films most with more intense violent content than those currently seen on Encore Family until Starz Encore Action was originally called simply Action from to Starz Encore Black Starz Encore Black features movies, and off-network comedy and drama television series aimed at African American audiences; due to its carriage of the latter, it is one of only four Starz Encore channels that currently airs series programming consisting of sitcoms that air during primetime hours.

Encore Drama was relaunched under its current name and format on December 2, The channel originally launched on July 1, as Love Stories, and focused on romantic comedy and drama films; it was renamed Encore Love on March 25, Encore Love was reformatted under its current name and format on December 2, When the channel launched on August 1,it originated as a Spanish language simulcast of the main Encore channel, before adopting its own separate schedule on December 1, Starz Encore Suspense Starz Encore Suspense features mystery and suspense films as well as detective movies and series, film noir and neo noir.

It is one of only four Encore channels that currently airs series programming consisting of mystery series that air during the late evening hours. The channel, which has maintained the same format since its launch, was originally called Mystery from to and was later renamed Encore Mystery from to It is one of only four Encore channels that currently airs series programming consisting of classic western series thar air during the morning and late afternoon hours.

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The channel was originally called Westerns from to Background[ edit ] On February 1,Encore launched the pay television industry's first "themed" multiplex — seven additional channels that each focused on a specific genre.

This was initially going to be composed of six channels, [38] but Encore decided to launch its own competitor to HBO and Showtime, called Starz! Three additional multiplex channels launched five months later on July 1: Love Stories, Mystery, and Westerns; [40] these were followed on September 12 by the launch of the final three channels: America's Kidz Network; it also went under the preliminary names Arcade and Tweens prior to the launch of the multiplex.

Encore eventually abandoned the numbering system for most of its channels ininstead using the tagline "an encore network" from then on until the early ; in contrast, Starz!Apr 06,  · Dreamscape - Phobos (sphericenergy mix) Category Film & Animation; Song Phobos (Beat It Mix) Artist Dreamscape.

All sorts of interesting characters and a terrific mix of hardcore action, thrilling suspense, romance, intellect, high stakes drama, profound and introspective situations, life and death, danger you name it!/5(21).

The mix of suspense action and drama in the firm

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6 days ago · It’s set to be a cracking night of action from Wembley and we’ll be bringing you all the drama. Join us for all the undercard thrills and spills before AJ enters the ring around 10pm. More On. Starz Encore (East; SD) Starz Encore (West; SD) Starz Encore Classic (SD) Starz Encore Suspense (SD) Starz Encore Action (SD) Starz Encore Westerns (SD).

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