The pleasure recycling

Ideal business platform The BIR London Convention is set to offer the ultimate forum for the recycling business to meet hundreds of key players from all over the world under one roof.

The pleasure recycling

Recycling To kick off I would firstly like to say what a pleasure it has been taking on my new role as editor of Waste Management World.

The pleasure recycling

I have thoroughly enjoyed the events I have attended this year, IFAT in Munich and CIWM in the UK, and my time spent writing articles, meeting industry professionals and immersing myself in the wonderful world of waste.

As I look forward to RWM in Birmingham, UK, this month I will be particularly interested to see some of the latest and greatest recycling technologies and systems.

It has been fascinating putting together the information for our recycling special this issue, looking at the ways waste management companies aim to get the best from their waste streams and maximise the number of materials that can be recycled.

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A particularly encouraging thing to note from our features this issue is that paper recycling in the USA has hit an all-time high as Donna Harman of the American Forest and Paper Association explains on page Also in terms of recycling features this issue, Alan Potter looks at the carbon footprint of recyclable materials considering when it is more economically viable to export material for recycling and when it is better to recycle at home, and our esteemed ex-editor Guy Robinson gives an overview of recycling trends.

I look forward to bringing you the best of the waste-to-energy news and stories in our special next month. Until then enjoy this issue.

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22 likes · 2 were here. Watson Recycling is a third generation recycling facility which has been in operation at the same Earlier this month I attended the executive sustainability forum and had the pleasure of listening to Jim Fish – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Waste Management.

In his presentation Jim discusses the circular economy and the current state of Ace Disposal is committed to finding a waste management solution that will work best for your commercial business needs.

The pleasure recycling

When you choose Ace Recycling and Disposal you can expect fair, honest and efficient are no administration or environment by Cosmo Servidio I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the Mid-Atlantic Vibrant Ports – Healthy Ports workshop in Philadelphia.

We are here to keep the electronic recycling flowing.

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We will continue to want the lastest and greatest gadgets, so the only solution is to It was of great pleasure to meet your team and our colleagues from different places in the world to share experiences,knowledge and establish professional relationship with others.

The conference which was held in Abu Dhabi was well organized in selecting speakers Envirocycle London are a recycling member of CRUK (Carpet Recycling UK) & are leaders on carpet tile re-use within the demolition, stripout & flooring sectors. We offer a collection service (subject to location) for your waste carpet

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