The reliability of the bible

Can the Bible be trusted? If it has been corrupted, then we cannot trust what is attributed to Jesus' words and deeds. So, is the Bible reliable or not?

The reliability of the bible

Manuscripts, Archaeology, Prophecy, Statistics Have you tried to show someone the historical reliability of the Scriptures, and not known where to start?

A quick trip to your local well-stocked Christian bookstore likely will overwhelm you. Where among the dozens of impressive, comprehensive reference books should you start? Bible Reliability-Manuscripts Manuscripts relates to the tests used to determine the reliability of the extant manuscript copies of the original documents penned by the Scripture writers we do not possess these originals.

The reliability of the bible

In determining manuscript reliability, we deal with the question: How can we test to see that the text we possess in the manuscript copies is an accurate rendition of the original? There are three main manuscript tests: The bibliographic test considers the quantity of manuscripts and manuscript fragments, and also the time span between the original documents and our earliest copies.

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The more copies, the better able we are to work back to the original. The closer the time span between the copies and the original, the less likely it is that serious textual error would creep in.

The Bible has stronger bibliographic support than any classical literature — including Homer, Tacitus, Pliny, and Aristotle.

We have more than 14, manuscripts and fragments of the Old Testament of three main types: The short time between the original Old Testament manuscripts completed around B.

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The earliest quoted verses Num. The same is true of the New Testament text. The abundance of textual witnesses is amazing. We possess over 5, manuscripts or portions of the Greek New Testament — almost copied before A. The time between the original composition and our earliest copies is an unbelievably short 60 years or so.

The overwhelming bibliographic reliability of the Bible is clearly evident. The Old and New Testament authors were eyewitnesses of — or interviewed eyewitnesses of — the majority of the events they described.

These events he chronicled in the first five books of the Old Testament.


The New Testament writers had the same eyewitness authenticity. Truly, the Bible affirms the eyewitness credibility of its writers.Nov 29,  · Why is the Bible reliable?

Tim Keller at Veritas [4 of 11] The Veritas Forum. Literalism: Isn't the Bible historically unreliable and regressive? – Timothy Keller [Sermon]. Is the Bible reliable? by Matt Slick - mp3 - video One of the most important questions asked by non-Christians as they look into Christianity is whether or not the Bible .

Is the Bible Reliable We can trust the details of the New Testament to be accurate because non-Christian authors have confirmed biblical content such as people, personalities, and events as true.

FREE VIDEOS. Bible Gateway interviewed renowned speaker and apologist Josh McDowell (@josh_mcdowell) about his book, God-Breathed: The Undeniable Power and Reliability of Scripture (Barbour, ).

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The reliability of the bible

Is the Bible Reliable We can trust the details of the New Testament to be accurate because non-Christian authors have confirmed biblical content such as .

The Reliability of the Bible: Count on it as God’s Word Yes, indeed, the Bible is reliable and trustworthy – more than any other book in all of history! It is literally God’s “love letter” t o His people, kept intact and maintained carefully through His providence over thousands of years of human history.

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